Placebo Facts

I went to Novel Approaches in the Treatment of Depression at Mass General Hospital on June 14, 2014. Cristina Cusin, MD, gave a great lecture on The Role of Placebo in Clinical Practice. She shared some fun facts about placebos:

  1. Expensive placebos work better than less-expensive ones.
  2. Two placebos per day work better than one.
  3. Blue placebos work best for sleep.
  4. Red placebos work best for pain.
  5. Brand name placebos work better than generic ones.
  6. Placebos work best if administered by someone in a white coat.
  7. Homeopathic placebos work just as well as conventional-medication placebos.
  8. An injected placebo works better than a placebo pill.
  9. A surgical placebo works better than a placebo pill or injection.
  10. Placebos with unpleasant side effects work better than those with no side effects.


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